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XeeMe: The results are undeniable!

If marketing, social communications or promotions are on your job description then you should know about ZeeMe!

So I am on Facebook one day and Joseph Rosenberg, who is a CPA from Florham Park, New Jersey and my Facebook friend were in a long discussion after we had met on Zurker!  He began to tell me about XeeMe!  I was on in seconds … then the thought set in… what am I doing!  How will I keep up with all these pages… Oh you know… you land on yet another social network wondering if it is worth your time to join.  While building your profile page you contemplate the insanity of it all and the resulting emails that will pile up, Well that is running through my mind as I am filling out all the fields.  But when I see my profile and the functions, well then I knew Joseph was on to something good.  So if social metrics and learning are important to your job description XeeMe is leading the way for those who use Social networks as their professional soapbox!  After all that is what social networking is about, right? Being seen and heard?  Getting your message out there? I look forward to XeeMail!

The results are quantifiable and qualitative, and incentivise communication between individual members.  It can be a bit overwhelming at first landing because a bit more goes into this network that most.  But you will quickly realize that it is the direct communication that drives results. In order to demonstrate this, let me show you some of my own stats from my first few weeks…as this is only my second month to be involved and that included a crash of my computer!  Driving traffic to your XeeMe, “follow me everywhere” profile is key.  Take a look…Want to venture a guess at when my recent computer crash happened??

My effort going in!

My personal efforts of driving traffic to my profile page

XeeMe was one of the activities I missed most during my crash and burn.  The reason is that the results speak for themselves.  Even with the computer crash… what I received back from XeeMe was 2-3 times the effort put in, and I have not even had the opportunity to really spend much time there, yet!  So if this is an indication of what the free version of XeeMe will do for you imagine what their paid services in education and pro-business solutions will render? Right?

Their results coming back!

The return results are three-fold!

Through engagement and XeeeNotes you are able to establish contact with REAL contact information and establish communication with other professionals from a wide range of service and product providers and even your niche competition globally.  Knowing where this traffic goes inside your personal and business web is of great importance.  XeeMe once again delivers! Breaking down the visits to all of your added pages…you know where your visitors go.

My current score of 170 is quite low compared to those of scores of 5000 or more and I very seriously doubt that people who spend that much time driving traffic to their XeeMe profiles are doing it >just< for ego!  This is the DIY side of XeeMe based on your personal efforts and clearly it works, so I find it appealing to get to know them on a more professional level. 

It is not clear what the XeeCredits do yet, and there are additional features you can customize and addon! Those are on a very long list and I am nowhere near even 1/3rd of the way through all the abilities.  Some are DIY and free while others are at a premium… but one thing I already know is that this is already well worth my time!  There are some premium classes and workshops associated with XeeMe that also seem quite interesting!  Currently the California company has a mega-European media push to assist the continents small business owners there and with the economic news, that is a very timely position to be in.  The Euro–XeeMe kick off begins with a big show in Cannes, France in November.

The input of your information to their platform is well secured and encrypted and is above other networks and actually rates the security you receive on other networks platforms.  You could actually store ids and passwords, I have not done that yet simply because I have trust issues, but it could be that these are not well founded concerns.  It will take more time to get to know XeeMe.  However the XeeMe participants are eager to introduce you to their professional networks and really many go above the call, because results come from communication based engagement. 

What can I tell you, XeeMe Works for me!  I am just beginning my relationship with them and If I have received back 3 times my input effort in less that two months, in competitive world, then that is a great start for a beautiful relationship!  XeeMe also invites you to professionally work with them, and that too is very appealing.  Therefore I can highly recommend you try it!  Don’t have the time for all this social networking? .. Then hire someone, in house or by contract to do it for you, because they have proven the worth of social networking by graphic persuasion and they teach it and live it!

Do you XeeMe?  You should!  Let us know about your results below and leave a link to your profile and we will add you to our network!

Watch this video by Wayne Ulery – Power Networking within Xeeme



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Mick Say: Online Business Development

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  • Nadine Hack

    Tamara – I agree so fully with you re value of XeeMe that I shared a link to your post on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter. Best, – Nadine

    • Tamara Heater

      Thank you so much Nadine! Greatly appreciated!

  • Nadine Hack

    If you haven’t discovered its enormous value yet, start using XeeMe as you’ll learn so much just as Tamara writes, –

  • Joe Rosenberg

    Glad to hear this has made a great impact on your social networking efforts.

    • Tamara Heater

      It truly has and I am sure LinkedIn and others might be thankful to them as well! Thank you for a great recommend!

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